Current Grant Program

Due to a change in the financial accounting system of Barnstable County, The Cape & Islands License Plate Grant Program to the public is currently suspended until such time as we have enough cash on hand to fund the program.  The County of Barnstable changed from an accrual system to a cash system, and this has greatly affected our ability and timing to provide grants to the public. In light of this change,  it is anticipated that the CCEDC will announce a grant round to the public on or about  July, 2017 to be awarded in April of 2018.

In Fiscal Year 2017, (beginning July 1, 2016) the CCEDC awarded $290,000 to the Cape Cod Commission for a Technical Assistance Grant.  This grant funds the following:

Managing the CEDS:(Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy), the technical assistance grant funds the administration of the CEDS.

Stats Cape Cod 

CEDS Regional Priority Projects: Economic Impact of Climate Change, Wastewater in Economic Centers, Expedited Permitting, Establishment of a Cape Cod Capital Trust Fund, and the Strategic Information Office

RESET Teams: Intensive Multi-Disciplinary Technical Assistance to our towns

Here is a summary of our 2015 grant round:

There were 14 applicants, with requests that totaled over $300,000. The Grants Committee met April 18th to review and rank the proposals.  Out of the fourteen (14) applicants, seven were selected to advance to phase two, and submit a full grant application.

The Grants Committee held a final meeting on May 30.   The Grants Committee reported to the full council at the next regularly scheduled meeting:  June 13

The CCEDC  forwarded a recommendation for funding, to the County Commissioners at their meeting in June.  The following funding was recommended for the Spring 2015 Grant Round:

cccclogoCape Cod Community College: $18,000 for Smarter Education Project using OpenCape RAN in collaboration with 6 local high schools who are part of the STEM Network.  This year’s Smarter Education initiative will result in earning an industry certificate in CAD for the 41 students who are enrolled in this course.  CCEDC grant funds were used to supplement the faculty’s time so that this course was free to all students.

wa_logo_wideWard Aquaculture Farm: $15,000 for the development, diversification and expansion of local aquaculture “crops” via the advancement of bay scallops.  All research and gear used in the production of aqua farming bay scallops will be shared with other local aqua farmers should they wish to diversify their production.  Growing bay scallops has the potential to contribute many hundreds of thousands of dollars to the local economy.

lbrc-logoLewis Bay Research Center $30,000: To support the algae-based resource recovery pilot project. Potential for local and global application for this alternative system, whose technology eventually can be exported from this region.



OpenCape: $12,000 Phase One funding for FTTH (fiber to the home) last mile buildout using Crowdfiber as a tool to gauge support and interest.


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Thank you for your interest in economic development on Cape Cod.

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