Archive 2004

Buzzards Bay Village Association                                                        $5,000

An international design competition for the Main Street/Buzzards Bay area to create a vision and a goal for rehabilitating downtown land area abutting the Cape Cod Canal and for restoring it as a smart village growth center. The competition will be developed along the lines of similar competitions run by Greeport, NY and those for Boston City Hall and the World Trade Center complex in NYC.

Cape Cod Children’s Place                                                                      $23,600

The Outer Cape Childcare Project will create a small, center-based childcare program to meet the needs of working parents in the towns of Provincetown, Truro and Wellfleet. The program will be licensed to serve children aged birth to three years. It will be established with the support of Seamen’s Bank and sustained through federal tax credits available to employers in the community who sponsor program slots for their employees.

JML Care Center (Future Care)                                                            $13,400

A home sharing program designed to place entry-level healthcare workers, who are enrolled in a healthcare education or training program leading to an accredited certificate, license or degree, in local homes. A collaboration with Cape Cod Healthcare.

Smart Planning and Growth Coalition                                             $15,000

An economic research project to determine the level of economic sustainability within various sectors. Project will measure the dollars that come into the economy, the “action and retention” of these dollars in the community, the dollars that are exported, and define how much remains for reinvestment within Cape communities. Project to consist of three phases: research and definition, quantification, education/information sharing.

Cape and Islands Self-Reliance                                                                $10,000

Green Citizens Energy Project involving: 1) installation of remaining 60Kw of photovoltaics to achieve goal of 100 Kw by January 2005; 2) install two 2.5Kw systems at the regional technical schools with student participation; 3) provide hands-on training for electricians and tradespeople; and 4) continue educational outreach to students, teachers and the general public.

Cape Cod Community College (ACCESS)/

First Parish Brewster/Chatham Public Schools                                                     $33,000

A joint venture to provide ESOL services to limited English proficient residents and workers on the Lower/Outer Cape. The program will build on the existing model used by ACCESS and will be supplemented by Computer-Assisted Language Learning for adults allowing students to benefit from both classroom instruction and computer interaction. Chatham Public Schools will provide classroom and computer lab time and will also administer and maintain the software and hardware. Tutor training will be provided by the Cape Cod Literacy Council and First Parish Brewster.

Campus Provincetown                                                                              $50,000

Campus Provincetown is a consortium of organizations and institutions offering off-season arts, cultural, and scientific courses held at numerous facilities throughout Provincetown. Funding support will allow the organization to expand its marketing activities, promote the program to new program partner candidates, develop collaborations with local businesses, and begin planning for the creation of a long-term business plan.

Arts Foundation of Cape Cod                                                                $26,000

In support of the ninth annual Making Art and Making a Living conference/program sponsored by the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod. The program provides business and professional development opportunities for artists and artisans, the goals of which are to help make artists and craftspeople become competent managers of their own businesses. Funds will help the Arts Foundation to offer entrepreneurial training geared specifically to art- and craft-based businesses, link and support an array of existing resources for artists and artisans, and coordinate collective and regional marketing events and programs.


Association to Preserve Cape Cod                     $75,000 over two years

$75,000 in support of three areas of activity: (1) supporting local zoning changes through the actions of town meetings and town councils; (2) developing forums and publications that foster a regional perspective and shared information concerning growth management; and (3) promoting public awareness of growth management objectives and the need for local zoning changes to meet those objectives. A portion of funds will be also be used for three conferences that will have the EDC as co-sponsor. This program of work is a multi-year effort of The Business Roundtable.

Cape Cod Community College                                                          $3,500

Cape Cod Community College, Cape Cod Healthcare, the Lower/Outer Cape Community Coalition, Barnstable County Department of Human Services and other members of an Area Health Education Center sponsored Health Alliance will use this award to cover a portion of the cost of a Healthcare Career Pathways Summit in Fall 2003. The summit will gather together stakeholders from healthcare organizations, educational institutions, regional planning and workforce organizations to develop solutions to healthcare workforce and education issues for the region.

Cape Cod Community College                                                           $35,000

Funding support for equipment and technology for a new renewable energy technologies curriculum at Cape Cod Community College. The program will be a broad-based renewable energy education and training program in collaboration with nearby four-year educational institutions and the Cape’s two regional technical high schools leading to a certificate in renewable energy technologies. Major funding for the program is being provided by a grant from the National Science Foundation. License plate funds provide 50% of the local match l(for equipment) required by the National Science Foundation. The eight-course curriculum is being designed by the College in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy, Cape-based industry and education advisory groups convened by the College, and the non-profit Partners in Environmental Technology Education.

Cape Cod Regional Technical High School                               $24,804

In support of a new practical license nursing (LPN) program at the school beginning fall ’04. The LPN Program will result in 20 adult learners acquiring their LPN degrees after 10 months of study in nursing theory, laboratory skills and clinical experience. Graduates of the program will be able to obtain employment in acute, chronic or long-term facilities, private duty nursing, rehabilitation nursing, public or mental health facilities, and physicians offices. Students interested in advancing further will be able to continue their nursing education by pursuing a Registered Nursing Degree at Cape Cod Community College.