Archive 2015

Cape Cod Community College: $18,000 for Smarter Education Project using OpenCape RAN in collaboration with 6 local high schools who are part of the STEM Network.  This year’s Smarter Education initiative will result in earning an industry certificate in CAD for the 41 students who are enrolled in this course.  CCEDC grant funds were used to supplement the faculty’s time so that this course was free to all students.

Ward Aquaculture Farm
: $15,000 for the development, diversification and expansion of local aquaculture “crops” via the advancement of bay scallops.  All research and gear used in the production of aqua farming bay scallops will be shared with other local aqua farmers should they wish to diversify their production.  Growing bay scallops has the potential to contribute many hundreds of thousands of dollars to the local economy.

Lewis Bay Research Center
 $30,000: To support the algae-based resource recovery pilot project. Potential for local and global application for this alternative system, whose technology eventually can be exported from this region.

OpenCape: $12,000 Phase One funding for FTTH (fiber to the home) last mile buildout using Crowdfiber as a tool to gauge support and interest.