Archive 2010

Woods Hole Film Festival

To leverage cureent funds in order to attract more national and regional sponsors. To support regional collaboration in efforts to bring more tourist to the area; and for the development of a new media application to help achieve these goals.

Lewis Bay Research, Inc.

The purchase and installation of a green house for eel grass propagation, removal of algae mats, public participation, job creation and stimulus for the overall redevelopment of Parker’s River area in Yarmouth.

Cape Cod Co-Operative Extension and Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fisherman’s Association

Development, expansion and marketing of distribution channels for local produce and to increase public participation in the regions first “direct to market” Community Supported Fishery program. These projects area in direct support of the 16 Regional Priority Projects of the CEDS.

Jr. Tech, Inc.

Program Development and planning for five new STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) workshops. This project is in direct support of the 16 Regional Priority Project of the CEDS.


Renovation of kitchen facilities for increased capacity and expanded employment opportunities for Cape Codders with disabilities.

Cape Cod Commission:

Cape-wide Business Survey to provide consistent information for policy setting for business development, programming and planning. This project is in direct support of the 16 Regional Priority Project of the CEDS.

Cape Cod Museum of Art: School to Careers Art Internship Program:

A mentorship program designed to build creative economy workforce.

Town of Barnstable Growth Management:

Cost analysis study to determine the costs to upgrade the Armory into a multi-use cultural center.

Cape Cod Regional Technical High School:

To purchase energy efficiency upgrade equipment for training of students, staff and general Cape Cod workforce. Also hydrogen fuel cell trainers and IT equipment to enhance science programs.