About Us

The Cape Cod Economic Development Council (CCEDC)…

was created by an act of the State Legislature to serve as an advisory body to the county commissioners.  CCEDC  consists of 14 council members, including 11 private sector members representing various segments of the Cape’s economy, (appointed by the County Commissioners), one seat from the Assembly of Delegates, one seat representing the Cape Cod Commission, and one seat representing the County Commissioners.

The mission of the CCEDC is:

“To improve the quality of life for all residents of Barnstable County  by fostering public policies and financing, through grants, activities that lead to a healthy year-round economy compatible with the Cape Cod environment and culture.”

The CCEDC accomplishes this mission by providing financial support via grants for innovative projects that strengthen the Cape’s economic infrastructure by collaborating with the non-profit, public and private sectors on economic development initiatives.

The EDC  most recently focused on the implementation of the CEDS (Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy)  and developing regional economic infrastructure—all conducive to enabling economic development on Cape Cod.

Our scope includes adequate wastewater solutions, a sufficient supply of workforce housing, accessible public transportation, a robust communications backbone, vibrant mixed-use downtowns, economic support for locally produced products, and technical assistance to the towns.

CCEDC’s grants have supported wastewater treatment, zoning by-laws, village growth centers, main street redevelopment, education, STEM programs, renewable energy, the OpenCape project, arts and culture and Buy Fresh Buy Local.  See our grant archives for more info.

We continue to work to improve Barnstable County’s economic infrastructure in order to strengthen the Cape’s culture and environment.

See Barnstable County Administrative Code establishing the CCEDC, July 7, 2010 ccedc-establishment-administrative-code-of-barnstable-county